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About Market Maya

Market Maya is the complete solution from strategy building till it’s execution, it even manages the portfolio of an individual which allows user to create their own strategies & simultaneously back testing with historical data & further executing it with algo trading. User can design multiple strategies & script portfolios & execute them live in the market.

Features Of Market Maya

Strategy Builder

Construct multiple trading strategies with future and option products. An innovative feature helps to create predefined or customised strategies with any combination of your choice.

Portfolio Builder

Build a winning portfolio with the combination of multiple success predefined or customised strategies and back-test on historical performance for symbols.

Algo Terminal

Fast, Accurate and user friendly trading terminal which support different screen size and multiple platforms. one trading account support on Desktop, cloud and mobile terminal platforms.

Strategy Backtest

Back test of predefined or customized strategies for up to 3 years on historical data even you can back test portfolio with multiple strategies with detailed analytical reports.

Market Place

Well Performing Strategies & Portfolio in Marketplace with all the statistical Analysis, helps Trader directly to deploy in Paper or Live Trading. Marketplace Strategies and Portfolios are derived by expert users.


This is one of the option which gives timely alerts to users for their live trade execution, trade status, live trading critical alert and day end report via email and Whatsapp.

Market Maya
About Market Maya

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Stay Tuned!
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