About Jumbofx

JUMBOFX is an Automated Algorithm based trading platform operating multiple dynamic trading theories based on Technical Analysis, Risk – Reward Management and other Statistical and Mathematical probabilities and formulations.

Unlike the more common prediction based platforms, this platform combines multiple trading theories on a real time basis and tries to achieve optimum results by converting more than 77 % Trades into success calls through closely set and defined mathematical permutations and combinations.

JUMBOFX has been specifically conceptualized and designed to operate in the Global Financial Arena.


USP of JumboFX

Usp Low Risk

Low Risk

Rigorous Risk Recovery Analysis backed by diversification of portfolio and smart in-build loss recovery mechanism is what in JumboFX ensures that risk is kept at optimum level as against potential of returns.

Usp Consistent Performance

Consistent Performance

JumboFX is the result of analysis of millions of trading possibilities and portfolios, back tested over the data of 10 plus years and further streamlined by Risk Recovery mechanism. Thus performance is well guaranteed.

Usp High Returns

High Returns

Negative trades are kept at minimum while positive trades are optimized. Naturally returns are unbelievably high in comparison to the risks involved.


Technical Infrastructure

Quick Execution

Due to our top of the range world class technical infrastructure set up in premium Servers in London, execution speed is unbelievable. This quick execution enables sharp trading and resultant hitting targets due to accurate trading.

100% Automatized

JumboFX is fully automated without any human intervention. Our Technical team only monitors and ensure that all the servers and systems are functioning well and there are no malfunctions. This ensures highest level of discipline critical for consistent results.

Crucial Auto Alerts

While system is fully automated, we have provided for reviews and control by way of periodical and exceptional alerts as and when required. Price Mismatch, quantity mismatch, partial fill of the order, abnormal spike etc. are immediately reported and auto alerts are sent to concerned team.

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